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Buying A Property

Melbourne without any doubt is one of the most sought after destinations as far as property buying and selling is concerned. That is one of the main reasons why we have a full fledged office to take care of the various conveyancing-related matters. There is no doubt that conveyancing is a very important process that has many steps under it. We therefore play a big role in helping customers in their decision to buy a property of their own however big or small it might be.

We are considered as the one stop solution for all matters related to buying of properties. We not only are conveyancing specialists in the strictest term but much more than that. We have our own team of real estate marketing executives who could help our customers to identify the right property. We also are well networked with some of the best real estate agents in the city. Hence, as a customer you can be sure that you will be guided and hand-held as far as choosing the right property is concerned. This is perhaps no other conveyancing company will be able to offer.

Once a decision has been made to buy a property we will move forward and get our conveyancing team into action mode. We have a completely independent team to look after only the buyers’ interests as far as conveyancing is concerned. Our team of lawyers will help in coming out the draft buyers’ agreement that takes into account the safety and security of the buyer and his money.

We also help the buyers to search the various legal and other property documents and ensure that the same is in order. We also make personal visits to the proposed property that is being planned for purchase. We measure the property and ensure that it matches with the property documents. Further, we play a big role to ensure that the property is free from easements, covenants, encumbrances and other such impediments. Having been in this business for such a long period of time, we understand that there could be many surprises in store for the buyers which could impede the very purpose for which the property is being bought.

We also have a special team to take care of the valuation related matters. We ensure that the valuation report is a true reflection of the fair market value of the property in question. Additionally it would be pertinent to mention that our teams of expert valuers also go in to other aspects of infrastructure development, availability of amenities and facilities in the neighbourhood, which are useful inputs for the buyers.