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Buying First Home

While there is no doubt that buying a home for the first time is indeed a great event for most of us. No one perhaps can understand and feel it more than us because we have been associated with many first time home buyers and we actually see the happiness and hope in their eyes and minds. While this is indeed great news there is also another side to the entire story it has to be borne in mind that buying a home for the first time is indeed quite complex.

There are many processes and steps that need to be gone through which are certainly out of bounds for ordinary people. Hence, we play a very important role in helping first time home buyers to ensure that they get their dream home without too much wastage of time, money and effort. We offer the entire gamut of conveyancing under one umbrella. There are many who might feel that conveyancing as a special service is not required and could be handled by the customers themselves. Having been in this line of business certainly makes us understand that such through process is born more out of lack of knowledge rather than anything else.

So, whenever one has a home to buy for the first time, it would make perfect sense for him to approach us. We help them to run through the process end to end. Whether it is arranging for lawyers or attorneys or valuers we are there to hand hold the customer at every step. We have special teams to handle matters pertaining to documentation, scrutiny of legal documents, searching for some specific details from specific government authorities just to name a few.

In fact we pay special attention to the documentation process, this in itself is very complicated.
We prepare drafts, have them corrected, share it with the sellers and then prepare the final document. This process takes a lot of time and we have to employ experienced professionals to get the job done.

Further we also ensure that the property that is being purchased by the first buyer is totally free from any encumbrances, covenants, easements and other such impediments which prevent the property holder to enjoy full and complete rights over the property. This is easier said than done because it is very complex and only experience professionals like is can handle it. Hence, if you have any requirements of conveyancing as a first time home buyer, please contact us.