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Commercial Lease

We are a reputed conveyancing company who also play a big role in helping our customers when it comes renting or leasing or properties. It would be pertinent to mention here that we are not only a conveyancing company specializing in transfer of ownerships when a sale or purchase of real estate takes place. In fact a reasonably big chunk of our business comes from customers who are either looking for domestic lease or commercial lease of properties. There are quite a few things different as far as conveyancing processes for rental and lease properties are concerned.

Even in leasing, there is difference between commercial leasing and domestic leasing. We try and educate our customers that while domestic leasing is for a much shorter period of time as far as commercial leasing is concerned it is for a much larger period of time. Further the lease agreements are also quite different as far as commercial leasing is concerned. We are specialized in drafting the correct legal agreement that takes of our customers interests at all points in time.

Since there are quite a few properties that could be coming under commercial leases, we have special teams to handle the various legal, property rules and other ramifications as far such agreements are concerned. Further there could be the need to not only confine the agreement to the main areas but also include common utilities car parking, elevator, common road space, just to name a few. All these requires special skills and experience we have no hesitation in claiming that we have the right qualification, experience and expertise to draft such commercial lease agreements.

Further before the agreements come into effect we take lot of pains to ensure that the property that is being planned to be taken on lease actually belongs to the rightful owner. We conduct searches and also visit the properties in question to ensure that nothing is left to chance. It would also be pertinent to mention here that once the commercial lease period expires, we sit down with the customer and work out revised lease agreements or termination of lease agreement notice as the case may be. Hence, once a customer hands over the entire leasing proceeds to us, they can rest assured that everything will be done as per the requirements of the customers. We ensure that the customer does not have to pay repeated visits to our office because we usually work with a power of attorney on behalf of our customers.