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Contract Review

Buying and selling a real estate property is not an easy job and there are quite a few steps and processes that need to be followed. Being and experienced and highly popular real estate conveyancing company we understand this better than anybody else. There are a number of legal, statutory and compliance related issues that we have to handle before the ownership of the property gets transferred from one entity to another. We also help our customers in drafting various legal contracts and having them registered with the relevant authorities with the final objective of going through a smooth process of property transfer.

As far as a buyer is concerned, he enters into a buying agreement and when a seller is keen on selling his property he has to enter into an agreement for sale. Both these contracts are legally enforceable and hence we pay a lot of attention to ensure that they are properly drafted. We play a big role to ensure that there are enough safeguards to ensure that the interest of our clients is protected. We understand that while almost all our clients enter into a real estate buying or selling contract, there could be some unforeseen circumstances that could force a rethink on some or all the clauses of the contract.

However, we understand that it would be impossible to walk out of a contract at the drop of a hat. There should be sound reasons for moving out of a contract. There should be sufficient provisions in the contract allowing for such an eventuality. Hence, we play a big role in helping customers whenever there is a need to review a contract. To make this a smooth and uncomplicated process, we pay a lot of attention to include the various conditions that might call for a review of the contract either in totality or partially.

Though the entire subject of contract review might not look very difficult from the outside, we are the ones who understand how complicated and difficult it is. We therefore put our best team forward whenever there is a need to review a contract. We ensure that we are able to present a fool proof and logical case based on facts and ground situations. We have found that such a straight forward and informed approach helps us to make some reviews or changes to the contract keeping the best interests of our clients in mind.

However, we do take a lot of trouble to ensure that do not bypass the legal process under any circumstances.