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Selling A Property

Buying or selling a real estate property is easier said than done. There are a number of complicated and complex steps that have to be gone through. That is the reason why many customers in this city and its neighbourhood approach us for help and assistance. We have one of the best organized teams to help our customers when it comes to selling a property.

We understand that the main objective of selling a property is to ensure that the seller gets a fair value for the transaction. Further, the seller would also like to be sure that the entire process of ownership transfer goes through smoothly without any hitch. Since the processes involved are quite a few in number and highly complex, we play a big role in helping the customer in such situations.

Whenever a customer decides to sell his property, we make our services available to him. We are one of the very few conveyancers in Melbourne who are well known to offer pre-conveyancing services so to say. We offer the services of our marketing executives to help our customer to find out the right buyer who meets all the requirements. Since we are very well networked, we are able to offer this service quite efficiently and within a very short period of time. There have been instances where we have been able to find out customers within a few hours of the request being put through to us.

Once the process of identifying the buyer is over, we help the seller with drafting the agreement for sale. This is a very important piece of document and hence we put our best people for drafting the same. These professionals are highly qualified and experienced lawyers and attorneys who have the right wherewithal to draft such agreements. The interests of our clients are always taken into account but at the same time we ensure that we are well within the boundaries of law.

We also conduct a study on the buyers to find out more about their credentials, market standing and their financial strength for such big buyouts. Only when we are satisfied on all the counts, do we advice our customers accordingly. Since we have excellent rapport with the various government revenue departments, we are able to hasten the process of ownership transfer there reducing loss of time and effort.

We consider the entire transaction incomplete till such time the sale proceeds are credited to our customers account. Hence, we are the best in this city as far as selling real estate properties are concerned.