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Selling At Auction

Though not exactly very popular, there is little doubt that quite a few customers find it a better option to sell their homes via the auction route. We are a well known conveyancing company who also play a big role in helping customers to sell their homes and other real estate properties through the auction route. There are certainly a number of benefits that our customers will get from us should they decide to take our help in this matter.

One of the biggest reasons why many customers choose for selling their real estate property through auction is because of the huge reach that we can offer to the customers. In a conventional selling route, at best our customers would be in a position to reach only to a few dozens of potential customers. However, since we have contacts with the best of auctioneers our customers get the benefit of having quite a few dozen prospective customers from whom they can pick and choose. Apart from the above there are also a few more reasons why it makes sense to take our help for selling real estate through the auction route.

When we get a request for a property sale through auction from our customers, we get in touch with most of the reputed auctioneers in the city. We take care to ensure that we tie up only with the best names in this business. Since we have tie ups with all leading auctioneering companies in Melbourne, we are in a better position to find out the exact date on which these auctions are happening and the expected customer profile. We also ensure that by participating in such auctioning route our customers are saved a lot of time and effort. Last but not the least, our final objective is to ensure that the customers are able to get a substantially higher price from such auction when compared to the conventional route.

We take lot of pains to ensure that the minimum bid prices are fixed keeping in mind the interests of the customers. However, at the same time given our experience we are able to understand the market sentiments and dynamics which ensure that the bid price is not either too low or too high. Once the bidding process is completed and the property goes under the hammer, we closely coordinate with the buyers and the auctioneers to ensure that our customers are able to complete the entire deal within the shortest possible time. We also ensure that the sale proceeds reach our customers account without any delay.